20 Ekim 2007 Cumartesi


Power generating transformer units werw made into artworks by a group of talented painters in Datça.

Naming their group Wallart they cooperated with TEDAŞ and Datça Council , painted on the transformers appealing pictures of flowers and underwater images , symbols such as the windmills to represent the natural beauties of Datça.The paintings are appreciated both by the local residents and visitors.The painters are from İzmir , each an artschool graduate.They had previously worked in Bodrum , painted walls for fun.Only this time they took more pride in meeting technology with art.The outcome was so succesful that they didn't mind having to work under the sweltering sun.

"THE POST" Your Local English Language Paper 24 August-07 September 2007 İssue:39 Year.2 PAGE:4

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